We Rock Apron (Kid & Adult)

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Mommies/daddies and kids will always be in style during cooking and/or arts & crafts activities! We Rock aprons will add fun to many activities. Grown-up and kids We Rock aprons are sold together as a set.

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CONTENTS          2 screen-printed (serigraphy) aprons for adults and kids. 100% cotton fabric. Handmade.                                                                              
Enjoy your new product and thank you for choosing FIGG! Please note that each product is unique due to its handmade nature and may differ from one another in terms of color, texture, stitching, binding, etc. In order to keep your product looking great, please go by the instructions you will find down below as well as in the manual.

.Please read this document carefully and keep for future reference.
.To avoid danger of suffocation keep product’s plastic bag away from babies and children. 
.This product was produced for indoor use and is not suitable for outdoor weather conditions.
.Never put your product near a flame and don’t leave it under direct sunlight. 
With usage and washing, you will notice changes in the colors of screen-printed areas. These changes will resemble what is commonly known as the stonewash effect in jeans. This change is not a manufacturing defect. On the contrary, the applied printing techniques were meant to generate this effect over time.

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